SERVICES THAT Bring Your Idea To Life

Whether you need a few hours, days, or months of support, INSPIREflies Consulting is here to help your business succeed. We serve clients in a variety of capacities, from advisory to project support. Following an initial consultation and assessment of your business needs, we will work within your budget to provide you with  the right expertise.

The Power Hour


A one-hour strategy session to discuss your current or desired business plan, short or long term objectives and/or goals. During this live or virtual session, we will work with you to brainstorm and advise on solutions to business challenges you’re facing. After this session, you’ll have a concrete game plan to advance your business or idea.

How it works: 

This type of advisory session is optimal if you have a business idea and are unsure of the next steps to take, or have an established business and are struggling with a particular aspect of it. This is an opportunity to leverage the expertise of a strategist skilled at asking the right questions and helping you to figure out the steps to take to advance your vision.

The Strategy


A two-day session with you and/or your team to map out a strategy and implementation plan. Following an initial consultation, our team of skill-specific service providers (sales, technology, web design etc.) will be assembled to offer their expertise for this strategy session. Upon completion, you’ll receive a thorough plan developed by your custom-curated team of consultants.

How it works: 

This two-day immersion session is perfect for the company or individual who has a vision, but needs a robust strategic plan and implementation schedule to move ahead. This is an opportunity to assemble a diverse, agency-like team that enables you to gather input from people with disciplines that you may not have in-house. This session is ideal for the entrepreneur who has a business team in place, but sees the value in surrounding themselves with skill-specific experts who offer fresh approaches and perspectives.

Pitch Deck | Business Plan


This is ideal for clients who require a business plan or presentation to solicit investors and/or strategic partners. The presentation will clearly articulate your business’ purpose, the solutions it offers and the value it presents to potential investors. Based on your needs, the timeframe of this engagement will vary.

Why this session will work for you:

This session is valuable for entrepreneurs who want to establish their business among investors and partners. This process helps distill a business’ unique value, elevator speech, core messages, and key elements needed to communicate to potential investors and strategic partners.

Project Support


Whether you are developing a go-to-market strategy or need help with day-to-day operations, INSPIREflies consulting services will give you access to the people and expertise you need to grow your business. Our consultants roll up their sleeves and work side by side with you and your team. Based on your needs, the timeframe will vary.

Menu of Services

  • Business Plan Development
  • Strategy Development and Execution
  • Brand Strategy and Management
  • Content Strategy
  • Communication Plans
  • Focus Groups
  • Pitch Decks
  • Marketing Plans
  • Operational Strategy and Management
  • Organization Design and Recruiting Plans
  • Public Relations and Event Coordination
  • Social Media Planning and Execution
  • Strategic Partner Introductions
  • Web Design